Injection molding machine mold part of the 14 problems of the ultra classic! .

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As we all know, injection molding machine clamping system for injection molding machine is very important. Let us talk about the common problems of the processing method.
(a) non locking mode
Treatment method:
1: check the safety door before the trip switch, and repair.
2): check the 24V5A power supply in the box, change the insurance and power box.
3): check whether the spool stuck, cleaning spool.
4): check whether the output of the I/O board, solenoid valve is charged.
5): check whether the hydraulic safety switch pressure, mechanical lock rod baffle is open.
(two) the opening and closing of the machine
Treatment method:
1) check whether the oil pipe is disconnected, and if so, it must be renewed.
2) a small amount of lubricating oil, lubricating oil amount increase, 50 die once or manually add oil and lubricating oil.
3 large clamping force, check whether the mold needs a large clamping force, reduce the clamping force.
4) the current regulation of the amplifier board, check whether the current parameters meet the acceptance criteria, re adjust the current value.
5) parallelism error indicator check head board parallelism is greater than the acceptance criteria; adjust the parallelism.
(three) wait a few seconds to open mold
Treatment method:
1): starting speed is slow, check the screw damping is too large, small screw damping hole.
2): damping screw middle hole too, check the Y screw hole damping is too large for the center hole fine damping nail.
(four) the opening of the mould
Treatment method:
1 (2) the double plate guide rail and the elder brother column wear is big, check the second board guide and the elder brother column, replace the second board copper sleeve, the elder brother column, add the lubricating oil.
2 open die speed pressure adjustment is not correct, set the flow rate of 20, the pressure of 99 when the clamping plate should not crawl, adjust the flow ratio valve hole, or pilot valve hole, adjust the proportional valve linear current value.
3) air and exhaust in pipes and cylinders.
(five) open die
Treatment method:
1) increase the unlocking speed, the pressure flow is too small to adjust, check the speed of the open mold, the pressure is appropriate, increase the pressure on the open die, speed.
2) the electronic angle of the locking mode is changed to check whether the locking device is stopped at the zero position and the electronic ruler is adjusted to zero.
3) check whether the reverse hinge.
(six) the automatic adjustment of the mould will become more and more tight or loose
Treatment method:
1): adjust the solenoid valve leakage, check the solenoid valve is "O" type, the model 4WE6E or 0810092101, replace the solenoid valve or solenoid valve does not work with 24V.
2): hand to play other actions when there is a mold adjustment action, and see whether the card is dead.
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