Unmanned intelligent injection molding machine put forward higher requirements for stability

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In recent years, one of the supporting business to build unmanned, intelligent chemical plant, the production unit of the main injection molding machine stability requirements. To promote the production of plastic parts for the automotive mold precision manufacturing, precision injection molding, precision machining process of the development of high-end manufacturing direction.
Innovation in injection molding technology
Injection molding machine selection is very important for the formation of excellent plastic parts. Because of the design of the hinge type structure (crankshaft type), the application of the technology is limited, and there are many problems, which can not meet the needs of high precision production. The structure design of high precision double plate injection molding machine makes up for the defects of the three plate injection molding machine, and has many special functions of value added, which can meet the requirement of injection molding.
From the German origin of the Iraq's dense DP series of injection molding machine as an example, a significant feature:
High pressure slow opening function
Die of plastic coated strong and complicated structure, three plate injection molding machine or cannot be opened smoothly, resulting in product strain, deformation, and the two plate injection molding machine using high-pressure slow mold "function by using the template and then quickly moving the cylinder open mould cylinder for rapid tooling, realized and steady quickly, effectively ensure the quality of products; light formed in the deep cavity molding, molding products, excellent performance.
Two boost function
The venting is not smooth, high pressure injection molding needs, resulting in large internal stress, plastic deformation, dimensional instability, trapped gas burning, gas atomization surface / grain defects, HPM injection molding machine unique "locking two booster" function, by two set locking force, can greatly reduce the above product defects. Three plate injection molding machine is unable to achieve the special function.
High modulus, large opening, less space
Three plate injection molding machine die switching action is the use of machine cylinder hinge (Crankshaft) drive, cause opening stroke, volume modulus are limited, and the two plate injection molding machine directly using the cylinder drive, the maximum opening stroke, Max three machine models compared to equivalent modulus ratio 2/3. The space occupied by the same machine and three machine is smaller than 1.5 meters to 2.5 meters, also can according to customer demand for flexible customization of more and more large opening stroke modulus board machine.
A variety of synchronization features optional
Synchronous thimble function, template neutron linkage function, neutron free programming function, synchronous melt adhesive function, such as the need to use, greatly shorten the molding cycle.
Consideration from the use of the service life of the mold, raw materials, injection repeatability, special application, recommend the use of injection molding machine with high precision, and high added value of second type of precision injection molding machine has gradually replaced the three plate injection molding machine into the auto parts supporting ranks.
Key component assurance
The injection molding machine with high level of automotive plastic parts should be equipped with imported key components.
Power system proposed by the German Rexroth collocation injection plunger pump, high response servo valve, the biggest advantage is to fast and stable supply of injection pressure and injection speed, improve injection repeatability, reduce product defect rate, reduce energy consumption. Disadvantage is the high cost of manufacturing, more than 40% of the cost of the servo system.
The allocation of high precision components such as plastic, resin production lamp lampshade adopts general PMMA (acrylic) and PC two, these two kinds of resin for the design and fabrication of screw process requirements are very high, otherwise it will cause the plastic to produce black or yellow. The material tube needs to be made of alloy material, the screw is made of alloy and surface plating. The feeding tube group in the manufacturing process that should not be dead set screw, surface smoothness and high cleanliness requirements; three pieces (screw head group) and the head of the screw joints should not be dead; glue head (screw head) of the outer tooth and screw tooth clearance requirement of zero error, if the match will be bad there the gas nozzle in resin yellow; the contact position of high density head and flange, pipe material, no fault (dead), feeding tube group once the dead will lead to bad products.
The rapid development of China's automobile industry has led to the development of the market of automotive plastic parts, and more and more enterprises are engaged in the manufacture of interior and exterior decoration parts and key automotive plastic parts. At the same time, the research of lightweight technology makes the application of composite materials and innovative materials mature. The innovation of the manufacturing technology and quality requirements of the automobile plastic parts is put forward by the automobile manufacturers and parts suppliers.
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